Breaker Box Replaced 77083



     Give us a call to schedule a breaker box replacement. We don't need to come out and see your existing box. We typically ask a few questions over the phone about your existing installation. Work is usually scheduled as soon as possible. Typically we can change your breaker box without you having to be home. So no need to miss work.

     Breaker Boxes are called by several names, Circuit Breaker Box, Electric Panel, Breaker Box, Fusebox, Circuit Breaker Panel,Distribution Board, Main Breaker Box, Breaker Panel,Load Center,Lighting Panel,Panel Box,Panel and more

    Breaker Boxes are made by many different manufacturers such as Federal Pacific, Sylvania / Zinsco , General Electric, Square D, Eaton, Crouse Hinds, Bryant, Westinghouse, Cuttler Hammer, ect in many different sizes such as 60 Amp, 100Amp, 125 Amp, 150Amp, 200Amp, and 400Amp

    Price to replace range from $500 up , depending on the size, amount of work involved, and location ( whether a permit is required )

If you live in 77083 and your home is over 30 years old, then you probably need a new breaker box. If your breaker box is a federal pacific or sylvania breaker box then chances are you need a new circuit breaker box.

We install new and replace Circuit breaker boxes throughout the 77083 Area



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We install new and replace breaker boxes throughout the 77083 Area