Bad Breaker Box

Is your breaker box bad, or one that has caused fires, and need to be replaced

Typically you would be having problems such as having to constantly reset breakers, or having lights that flicker, and dim, or if you look at the brand of box that you have, you can usually find the name either on the door cover or either on the back of the door

Brands such as Federal Pacific
Sylvania/Zinsco Bryant, Ite, Old Style Challenger and others are bad breaker boxes for several different reasons.

Some have bad buss bars, which causes breaker box breakers  go bad and not make good contact, and cause overheating and burning.

   New Breaker Box Prices depend on size. number of circuits. whether the box is inside or outside. whether a permit is required by the city of houston and more. Please call for for Information.

We install new and replace breaker boxes throughout the Houston Vicinity


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